Artist’s Statement

After more than thirty years of working as a studio potter, I have found that the magic of clay does not go away. There are so many ways to move clay, so many possibilities for exploration that working with clay remains exciting and challenging at the same time. Recently I have been able to slow down my production pace enabling me to have a stronger relationship with each piece I make. I am enjoying the dialogue.

I taught a class this spring and became a student in it as well. One assignment asked us to research ancient symbols and stories as they were told on pots. We then chose symbols that represented ourselves or the times in which we live. We carved our pots so symbols were strong. We fired our pots, some glazed, some burnished and buried in sawdust. This process is one that has been repeated many times in many cultures for thousands of years. In telling stories on our pots, we joined a long tradition of recording history in clay. This type of experience continues to be meaningful to me because it provides a strong connection with potters over time as well as a connection with the earth.